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Selling horses is the toughest part of being a breeder for us. We feel a strong connection to the horses we breed, raise and train, and a responsibility to do right by them when selecting a new home and owner for our horses. Our number one priority is to ensure the best fit possible between them and any potential owner. We will never sell a horse sight unseen.

We look for long term homes for our horses. We want them to be cared for in their new home as they would be cared for here at the ranch. We want them to be successful, useful partners to our clients.

It’s never been about making the sale, it has always been about the horses themselves.

We can assist with exporting horses to the US. Its a simple process & we will help facilitate everything needed. 

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  • For over 15 years now, RSTD Milagro has been part of my life. Milagro taught me a lot about the Peruvian Horse with his kind ways, gentle demeanor and strength that keeps me in awe of this amazing breed and the Ringstead Breeding Programs. He is strong and beautiful with a commanding presence. He has a good mind and his brio is beyond compare. From the Shows to the trails, he is perfect for me, but his favorite place to ride is still the beach. I will be forever grateful to Rick and Deb Cones for this wonderful horse.

    RSTD Milagro & Bonnie Steiner

  • I absolutely could not have landed a better partner for our crazy adventures. He's so sweet and expressive. I really cannot express how much I enjoy him. Such a great partner for all our zany antics. On the whole we did over 800 recorded kms this summer the vast majority of which was mountains. He has remained sound upbeat and downright eager all year and can never get on the trailer fast enough. Despite looking like a dragon at times when he's all fired up, he is usually a thinker who has become quite exceptional at planning the best route over and through obstacles. Very little worries him including raging rapids, speeding mountain bikes, narrow spans, high cliff faces and even grizzly bears.

    RSTD El Maestro & Shauna McDaniel

  • "My experience of buying RSTD Excalibur was outstanding with the help of Rick, Deb and Emma, with riding lessons, the junior clinic and the Aficionado Afternoons. It was really helpful for me to learn about the Peruvian Paso breed and their ways. Excalibur, as my family and I say, is a million dollar horse with an amazing personality and awesome temperament. He's not afraid of anything thanks to his trainers Pedro and Emma." Felicia Huffman

    RSTD Excalibur & Felicia Huffman

  • I met Encantador when I was 13 and knew right away that I'd be bringing this handsome gelding home with me. Since then we've been on many adventures together, traveling thousands of miles to compete in shows in the US and Canada, adventurous trail rides, and winning Champion of Champions titles. It amazes me everyday how special our bond is. It's a bond that happens once in a lifetime. I want to thank Rick and Deb for introducing me to this incredible horse." Emma Thurn

    RSTD Encantador & Emma Thurn

  • "During my search for a new gelding this fall, I contacted Deb and Rick Cones at Ringstead Ranch as I had seen a nice gelding for sale on their website. I emailed them about that gelding and told them what qualities I was looking for and was very excited when they told me they had three horses for me to try! One of the three was RSTD Lucero, a gelding I had first seen at the Kneehill Championship All-Gaited show in 2007. From the first time I saw him at that show I was interested in him and loved to watch him at shows as he seemed to have that special quality I was looking for. When we went to check out the three horses, the Cones offered my daughter and I their warm hospitality and when I chose Lucero, they made the purchase process very smooth. Their concern that Lucero and I would be a good "fit" was very apparent. I've had him home now for two weeks and am still in the giddy "I can't believe this horse is mine!" stage. I'm extremely grateful to Deb and Rick for the opportunity that they've given me to team up with this beautiful gelding." Chris Thurn

    RSTD Lucero & Chris Thurn

  • "Having bred Peruvian Paso horses for over 30 years, my Mom and I decided we missed one of our stallions that we had sold to Deb & Rick; *Capricho CM. We embarked on a mission to possibly find the progeny of this wonderful stallion who we sorely missed. To my surprise, Deb & Rick had 2 horses that were from him, a mare and a gelding, who were ‘for sale’. We were ecstatic! In dealing with the purchase of these two wonderful horses, I was incredibly impressed with the concern and care that Deb expressed in selling us these two. In all of our years as breeders, I can’t recall anyone who was quite as thorough as Deb to make sure horses were placed in the ‘right’ homes with the ‘right’ owners for the welfare of the horse. The ‘horse’ came first, not the ‘sale’! I have rarely seen this quality in our breed and every breeder would do well to duplicate this wonderful characteristic. After importing the 2 horses, within 2 weeks, our purchased gelding, RTSD Caprichoso went on to become Champion Pleasure Gelding at his first show in Southern California! He is EVERYTHING that Deb told us he would be. The mare, RTSD Alegria, was more beautiful than I had imagined and we hope to enjoy her as much as we already enjoy her half-brother!" Kim & Lisa Jaserie, Peruvian Horses of Suzy Hamblen

    RSTD Caprichoso & RSTD Alegria – Kim & Lisa Jaserie

  • Over the years we have had the pleasure of owning 4 RSTD horses, RSTD Lucinda, RSTD Vida de Paijan, RSTD Acuario++ and RSTD Filigrana. Each one has held a special place in our hearts and family. Throughout the years, Rick and Deb have been the most gracious hosts and have been extremely supportive and helpful as we campaigned each one. They make sure that each horse is a great fit. These horses are not only successful show horses, but horses we have enjoyed out on the trails, in a Peruvian drill team, a foundation breeding mare and introducing new people to the breed. We can’t say enough about the quality of horses and training RSTD has provided. We would highly recommend Ringstead Ranch to anyone looking to purchase a Peruvian Horse.

    RSTD Lucinda, RSTD Vida de Paijan, RSTD Acuario++, RSTD Filigrana & Randy, Kristin & Jessica Eldridge

  • "We just can't tell you how much we enjoy this horse. He is both vastly different & more exciting than any Peruvian horse we have owned. I'm so used to horses with energy being a little flighty, jumpy, etc in hand. Travieso stays practically asleep until your butt hits the saddle. Nothing seems to bother him at hand, he is perhaps the easiest horse to handle on the ground I have ever had. We have ridden many horses with great energy over the years, I can't remember any that provide the same level of excitement Travieso does, all the time, throughout the ride. Just WOW! Thanks so much for letting us have him." Rory & Suzie MacLeod

    RSTD Travieso & Rory & Suzine MacLeod

  • "I purchased my show mare RSTD Sabrina from Ringstead in 2000. My experience was so positive that I decided to purchase another horse from them in 2002. If you are looking for quality, honesty & integrity - Ringstead is your choice. In the 20 years I have been involved with horses, they are in my opinion THE people to do business with." Sheri Fees

    RSTD Sabrina & Sheri Fees

  • "I have never bought a horse from anyone that cared so much about the horse, that they continue a caring relationship with the buyer. Other breeders can learn from Deb & Rick how to make the buyer feel good about their new purchase. Usually once the check has been signed, no one calls and asks if you really enjoy the horse or how the horse is adjusting. Deb and I stay in touch on a regular basis by email. Thanks to my beautiful little Peruvian, RSTD Luciano, Brad and I have developed a long and lasting friendship with Deb & Rick. Thank you so much for Mr. Personality Plus, RSTD Luciano." Bev Raphael

    RSTD Luciano & Bev Raphael

  • "We have owned several breeds including Tennessee Walkers and Missouri Foxtrotters but were searching for a smoother ride when we were introduced to Peruvian Pasos. Through a friend, we were told of Ringstead Ranch so in the spring of 2002 we drove to the ranch and met Rick & Deb and ended up buying a three year old gelding, RSTD Tabasco. Our riding is strictly trail so we had Tabasco finished using the Buck Brannaman technique and he has been the most perfect companion I could ask for. We sold my wife's foxtrotter and purchase another gelding from Ringstead, and once again fell in love with RSTD Durango. Not only to we have the "Rolls Royce" ride but their gentle spirit, willingness to please and great big hearts make owning a Peruvian a wonderful experience. To add icing to the cake, Rick & Deb are the perfect people to deal with, they truly love their horses. You never feel pressured and when you finally buy one of their horses, you know it's the right choice." Dr. and Mrs. Alan Bryant

    RSTD Tabasco & Dr. & Mrs. Alan Bryant

  • When I purchased RSTD Trueno++ from Rick and Deb in 2011, my goal was to own a versatile gelding that could be competitive in the show ring but also suitable for trail riding or just plain old fun.. Needless to say my little “Mr T” has surpassed any expectations. 2017 was a stellar year for us in performance and pleasure divisions. Five shows and five champion of champion wins! Added bonus, a Canadian National Laureado Performance gelding title and Premio de Oro Award (+2000 lifetime points). Practice, patience and perseverance has paid off! I would like to congratulate Rick and Deb for breeding this beautiful horse and a huge thank you for your ongoing mentorship and support.

    RSTD Trueno++ & Jan Sjodin

  • A bit over a year ago I watched a video, many times, of RSTD Expreso a 4 year old bay gelding. I liked him, set up a day and time with Ringstead Ranch to try him and I bought him immediately, there was something there. I know he was going to be my last horse, so hoped my choice was right for him and me. Expreso stayed at the ranch for more training and Rick and Deb went above and beyond over the next few months helping him and I become a team. Well here it is a year later and I absolutely love my horse. I enjoy everything about him whether just standing and looking at him, or enjoying the ride. I am so proud of him.

    RSTD Expreso & Jean Thom

  • in 2015 I was in need of a horse to show and have fun with at home. Ringstead had some young geldings in training. Over the course of the next months, I kept going to the ranch, looking and riding. in the spring of 2016 an agreement was made between them and us for the purchase a bay gelding named RSTD Sonador. Rick and Deb were superb to deal with, they went out of their way to make sure I was happy with the gelding,which I was. Our first year in the show ring was not too exciting, I did not ride the horse very much as I was working out of town. By the end of the year I was able to ride more and get to know him . I was of the mind that he would make a very good performance horse. the 2017 show season started and I still didn’t have him ready for performance classes. We entered the luxury classes. After the show I had two Champion of Champion ribbons in the luxury division. I was happily surprised. The support from Rick and Deb was always there and greatly appreciated. At the end of the show year we had 4 champion ribbons and the two champion of champion ribbons. He is a wonderful buddy at the farm. Very nice and easy to ride. I would recommend to anyone to buy a horse from Ringstead Ranch.

    RSTD Sonador & Rob Sjodin

  • In 2017 we started looking around for a Peruvian Horse, and came across Ringstead Ranch. After contacting them we found "Excee" as we like to call him, at the Cayley ranch. We went out to see him and met with Vicky & Juan, who are fabulous. They allowed us to go out & ride around the property to see how Excepcional & I would do together. Vicky & Juan were very welcoming & helpful throughout the whole process. I rode Excepcional several times, & we decided that Excepcional was exceptional! The training he had & his disposition were quite outstanding for a 6 year old - he is so smart & responsive. We ride every weekend that we can, & I can't say enough about how extremely pleased we are with him & the whole process. I would definitely recommend Ringstead Ranch to anyone looking for their next horse partner!

    RSTD Excepcional

    RSTD Excepcional & Vicki Zaharichuk

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We can easily facilitate export of horses to the USA. It is an easy process and we will help ensure it all goes well for potential buyers.